Hello! My name is Anna Ahora Savina. For many years I have been studying, practicing and collecting unique knowledge from all parts of the world. So I’ve been sharing it with those people who really long for it and want to change their life “here and now”.

In my work I use complex methods individually chosen for each person or a family as a whole. I feel and select a unique combination of the most suitable methods and ways of work which are important at the present moment. I help people to start living a completely new Life in a stream of love and happiness, pleasure and delight, to feel harmony and well-being in family life, sex, business and health.

In my work I combine modern discoveries in psychology and esoterics uniting them with ancient and sacral knowledge. While travelling to the countries where wisdom of the ages is still kept I collect precious skills and abilities working as a Mystery.

You can choose the most comfortable format for our meetings. You can have individual guidance, master classes, three-day trainings and seminars, travelling trainings to places of power or travelling to sacral places. All these will help you to find the opportunity to combine your inner development with work and family.

We start our way to happiness from ourselves. We learn to feel and to observe, to listen and to hear, to trust and to respect, to give and to get, to love and to be loved, to produce and to create. Researching ourselves, our bans and fears, wishes and dreams we feel and listen to our body because it keeps reminiscences of the past as well as it makes us free and gives us Freedom - the Freedom of being ourselves.

Altai is my motherland, my dear region where I was born and grew up. It's the region which wisdom and power I have been studying and trying to understand since my childhood. The word "Altai" comes from Turkic word "altan" that means "golden" that in its turn stands for "rich". It's a unique territory with picturesque mountain lakes, waterfalls with sparkling in the sunlight snow peaks in their background, mountain ridges and glaciers. There is the most important peak in Siberia there, it's Belukha (4506 m) which is also the centre that stays the same distance apart all the oceans. Altai nature strikes with its primevalness and purity. It's really one of the wealthiest and most sacral places of the earth. I love this wonderful place where nature is boon and plentiful, beautiful and majestic with its blooming meadows and somber boreal forests. Altai is Mecca for all the Shambala searchers. It is also called "the heart of Asia" as there three great religions meet: doctrines by Christ, Buddha and Mohammed. Altai is the place for unforgettable meetings, communication and support, for people who want to make their lives interesting, eventful and happy.

I want Altai with its amazing gifts having taste and flavour of wild nature and bringing pleasure and benefit to become close to you.

My guideline is to bring positive results to enlarge world of Good. My approach is to reveal man's peculiarities and heart of hearts, to find a unique touch to each person. I love and believe in everything I do, I practice and  share only the things that have been checked by my own life experience.

If your ideas are close to what I write and share, you are welcome!